K.T.P. Accessories takes an importance on an environmental protection, we have a strong willingness to protect and make our planet better. Fashion industry is the major manufacturing sector of this world, hence this industry is estimated to be responsible for 8-10% of global carbon emissions. Also, it takes a part in water polluted too. So it is our responsibility to change the way we do business to avoid harming the environment and start recovering our planet.

Renewable Energy at K.T.P. Accessories

K.T.P. office building and factory building use a solar power to generate an electricity instead of using a fossil fuel, which can reduce a consumption of a fossil fuel source electricity more than 50 percent and decrease an amount of carbon dioxide emission caused by fossil fuel source electricity production. We can avoid Carbon dioxide footprint around 10 tons per year.


Since 2010, KTP starts to source eco-friendly material to produce our products , such as snap button, eyelet, rivet, jeans button, hook, and other goods. We apply OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class 1 in all Brass and Plastic material accessories, in order to make sure that our products do not harm environment and be safe for consumers at all ages. By applying the OEKO-TEX standard, we can ensure that our products do not contain harmful chemicals such as Heavy metals, Phthalate, Formaldehyde, and other toxic chemicals.