About K.T.P.

          Established in 2004 by Mr. Kitipong Ploytubtim, KTP Accessories Co., Ltd. produces and distributes prong-type snap buttons, snap buttons, S-spring-type snap buttons, ring-spring-type snap buttons, eyelets, rivets, jean buttons, and other garment and leather accessories registered under the trade name of S E L E X. The current production capacity is 18,000,000 pieces/month. Each of the staff members is well trained in skills, and has a direct experience in a garment business field more than 10 years. To ensure that the products meet international standards and environmentally friendly, thus safe to consumers. KTP product’s quality is certified with Hohenstein Textile Testing institute, Gmbh & Co.KG, and Intertex Testing Services Co., Ltd. Consequently, KTP products can be distributed to any countries in the world. Today, KTP Accessories are proud to have more than 400 customers in Thailand and overseas.



Vision statement

“Our company aims to be the world leader garment and leather accessories, and becomes a symbol of outstanding quality snap buttons and other garment accessories which be accepted in all garment industries. Furthermore, we wish to remain the well-being of the world and humanity by producing environmentally friendly products for all consumers.”



Mission statement

With the power and expertness of KTP’s staffs, we are able to provide customers the highest quality and satisfaction in term of services and products. Over 400 clients around the globe that we serve today are offered the best quality product with the most reasonable price by our honest mind services. Apart from the products and services’ quality, safety is one of the top concerns of our mission. All clients and staffs also must meet the highest safety standard in services and working processes in order to remain the well-being of people.




Under the brand S E L E X, we give the values in every term of the trade name, and they also are the core values that all staffs practice to achieve our goals stated in the vision statement.

      S  refers to sincerity, our staffs service all customers sincerely with the highest respect.

       E  refers to elegance, our products are elegance in all aspects; quality, safety, and price.

L  refers to leadership, KTP is the leading garment accessory company in Thailand.

           E  refers to exactness, products of us are exactly met our customers’ standard as required.

          X  refers to expertise, we are expert in garment accessories, and all staffs are well trained.



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